Cleaning things that you normally wouldn’t clean on the regular basis
With Deep Cleaning, you’ll feel a sense of wholeness. You’ll know every bookshelf, display, and fixture has been specifically cleaned.
This could mean wonders if your home hasn’t been kept up with for a long period of time.
Deep house cleaning also known as thorough or comprehensive cleaning means cleaning things that you normally wouldn’t clean on the regular basis. For instance, baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, etc. are items you customarily clean when enough buildup of dust, smudges, or scuffmarks become noticeable.
Other household items that fall into the deep cleaning category, but are not exclusive, are light switches, both sides of doors, vent covers, and pictures and frames.
For some new clients, the service can be misinterpreted with First-time cleaning which applies to Basic cleaning being done the first time. However, first-time cleaning isn’t as thorough as deep cleaning, meaning that your home would simply be brought up to a level of cleanliness so that we may maintain it with reoccurring basic cleaning services.

Another difference between Deep Cleaning and another cleaning type is Move-in/out Cleaning. While move-in/out cleaning is perfect if a home is empty and free from furniture and home décor it’s not the same as Deep Cleaning. Move-in/out would include the likes of inside refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, and closets.
Deep Cleaning is a service of its own. We’ll clean every nook and cranny in your home while you still live in it. We’ll pick up, move, and clean under furniture, climb ladders to clean ceiling fans and vent covers, and get on our hands and knees to clean baseboards. It’s a lot of work, but we love the final product.
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